This screensaver is provided free of charge, no guarantees (expressed or implied) can be given for the suitability for your computer nor will any responsibility be taken from data loss resulting from its use.

I always recommend that people take adequate precautions when downloading any software from the internet to their PC and downloading from this site should be no exception (you should really have adequate virus and trojan protection). That said I have scanned the screen saver with the absolute latest version of Etrust (from Computer Assocaites) at the time of placing on the site - so your risk should be minimized [signature version 8683 26th October 2004].

Please note that the images should not be extracted from the screen saver and I am not releasing them to the public domain. I retain copyright of all images. Do not use these images for any other purpose than a screensaver. Please send comments,suggestions or compliments(!) to the email address below.

l would love to have a rough idea how many people are downloading this - It would encourage me to do another one with alot more shots - if you could take the time to drop me a email telling me you've downloaded it I would be most grateful.

To install in windows XP right click on the downloaded SCR file and select install. To install on windows 95/98 etc you will need to copy the SCR file to the directory where your other windows screen savers are located (probably something like windows\system).