The Belfastifier

Welcome to This site contains the photography of Declan Higgins. Almost all of my photographs displayed here are taken in Ireland (both Northern and Southern) - and some are taken in and around Belfast.

Some of you may be wondering why its called I'll leave it as a puzzle for those of you interested in working it out (but there is a reason for it).

If you want to know when the site has been updated, have questions, or are interested in obtaining prints of any of the photos please contact me at the address below (its deliberately not a link to avoid spam email harvesting).

It should go without saying, but I'll say it anyway, that all images and photos on this site are copyrighted. Do not use these images or link to them directly from another site without express permission from me.

The galleries use ActiveX which you will have to enable for this site when (if) your browser prompts. This is only to support the slideshow facility and if you don't enable ActiveX you can still browse without the slideshow.

You can also navigate the galleries using the right and left arrow keys and home and end bring you to the start and end of a gallery respectively.

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